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Apr 05,  · The adult brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys, can be confused with other brown stink bugs. To identify this species accurately, examine its antennae for alternating bands of light and dark on the last two segments. Adults are a blotchy brown color, with alternating light and dark markings along the edges of the abdomen. Adult Brown Marmorated Stink Bug A new insect pest that we may begin to see as summer temperatures finally cool down and we go into fall is Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, or BMSB. This insect is a serious problem on many different plants, but we really begin to notice them in the fall when they move into our homes in swarms to overwinter inside.

Halomorpha halys, the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), is a native species to Asia introduced on the east coast of the U.S. in the late s. Now, it has spread to 43 states and as far north as two Canadian Provinces. The BMSB has piercing-sucking mouthparts with a . Oct 08,  · What they look like: Adult brown marmorated stink bugs are usually dark brown with a white-brown underside. “‘Marmorated’ means ‘veined,’ like marble, and the unique markings of .

brown marmorated stink bug habitat. As indicated by their name, brown marmorated stink bugs tend to be different shades of brown in colour, with lighter bands on the antennae and. Australia has its own native stink bugs which can look similar, making it tricky to spot this exotic invader. Key distinguishing features of the adult brown marmorated stink bug: smaller than many stink bugs at 14–17 mm; shield shaped; most are marbled with a faint .

The consperse and green stink bugs are native pests, and the brown marmorated stink bug is an invasive pest that is an increasing problem in apples in some regions of the PNW. Nov 23,  · Adult brown marmorated stink bugs, like other pests, can enter homes through cracks and crevices. A few simple tips to help keep them from entering homes are: Caulk windows inside and out. Weather strip entry doors and/or install door sweeps if daylight is .

The adult brown marmorated stink bug is about 15 m long with the coloration that allows it to blend in with the bark of perennial plants. Note the bands on the antennae and the pattern on the back end of the abdomen. Michael Bush, WA State University Extension. Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) is a native of Eastern Asia and was first detected in Pennsylvania in October The insects often are found in houses, where they produce an unpleasant smelling chemical. They can be an agricultural pest, threatening apples, pears, peaches, figs, mulberries, citrus, persimmon and soybeans.