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And people need to understand that with eating disorders, you can't separate the mental self from the physical self. There needs to be parity of treatment to allow them to have any hope of. Sep 06,  · Middle-Aged Adults with Bulimia – A Hidden Epidemic New statistics reveal that thousands of middle-aged women are suffering from eating disorders stemming from childhood unhappiness, sexual abuse, divorce, financial problems, and bereavement in mid-life.

Why Adult Women Suffer from Eating Disorders. For a growing number of women, anorexia and bulimia aren't just teenage problems. By Michelle Konstantinovsky. Illustration: Rachell Sumpter. Janice Bremis was stunned the day her husband came home and announced that, after six years of marriage, he was moving out. When he did finally pack up and Author: Michelle Konstantinovsky. Oct 27,  · Bulimia is a disorder that consists of binge eating, followed by purging of the stomach contents in an attempt to lose weight. Eating disorders are common in women with histories of childhood abuse, childhood obesity and mental health disorders.

Bulimia nervosa is characterized by binge eating (eating large amounts of food in a short time, along with the sense of a loss of control) followed by a type of behavior that compensates for the binge, such as purging (e.g., vomiting, excessive use of laxatives, or diuretics), fasting, and/or excessive exercise. Sep 01,  · Like all eating disorders, bulimia is a serious illness. It can permanently damage your body and can even be deadly. People with bulimia will often eat large amounts of food, or binge, and then try.

Treatment for Bulimia in Adult Men and Teenage Boys Edited by Editorial Staff Last Updated: February 3, A man with bulimia is compelled to eat large amounts of food, and when the binge is over, he can feel so guilty and/or disgusted with his behavior that he is compelled to use exercise, vomiting, or laxatives to purge the body of the meal.