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adult cat introducing kitten - Introducing her Best friend to BBC

A kitten might be less of a threat to a resident cat than an adult, because it is still sexually immature - however introducing a playful youngster can be stressful for an older cat who prefers the quiet life, so an adult might be a better choice. 1. Start with One Cat: Begin by playing with only one cat in the room at first. Make sure she is engaged, and keep her moving either with treats or a toy. 2. Bring in the Other Cat: Casually have your partner bring the other cat into the room and immediately engage him. In a perfect world, you would lead the cat into the space with whatever is their favorite food or toy.

Keep the cats separate at first. House the new cat in a separate room for at least seven days with food, water, comfortable bedding, a litter box (es), and all of the necessities to keep him happy and healthy. This allows the cats to get used to each other’s scent without needing to . Jun 27,  · 1. Isolate your new kitten. When you bring your kitten home for the first time, it will feel a little fearful. Keep the kitten in a room of its own where your other cat cannot go. This will help your kitten to become accustomed to its new surroundings without feeling threatened. 2. Carry out some cat scent swapping. Give your adult cat a piece of fabric that the kitten has been sleeping on to smell, and vice versa. This will let each cat .

Nov 10,  · Introducing a New Kitten. It seems like it should be easy enough to introduce a new kitten to your teenage or adult cat. If you’re anything like me, you may have underestimated the difficulty such a situation can cause. Introducing a new kitten can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially if it takes more than a few days. Methods for introducing a dog and a cat. There are many different ways to introduce a dog to a cat. If the first method of introduction you try doesn’t work or you don’t feel comfortable with it, try a different option. Even if the dog has had experience with cats and the cat has lived with a dog before, proceed cautiously during the.

Cats are extremely territorial creatures, no more so than with other cats. So, what’s the best way to introduce the new cat in town to their fuzzy roommates? Help them find common ground. Introducing your pets to each other gradually will minimize the risk of either animal becoming scared or even too aggressive. Introducing Kittens To Adult Cats While cats can live very happily together in the same household, they don’t really ‘need’ other cats, and some may struggle to accept a new kitten. A few preparations ahead of your kitten’s arrival and some carefully managed introductions should give your cats the best chance of getting on well in future.

How long does it take for my cat to accept a new kitten? It can take up to a year for an adult cat to develop a friendship with a new cat. If your cat is younger, it can take from 3 weeks to a couple of months. This will depend on your cat's age and friendliness. Compared to cats, kittens have unique nutritional needs. Learn when to switch from kitten food to cat food, and how to introduce adult cat food. As a general rule, cats that are less than one year of age are considered kittens.