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Sunsational Swim School is the premier provider of at-home, private adult swimming lessons in America. Whether you're an adult beginner dipping your toe into the pool for the first time, working to overcome a fear of water, or are seeking advanced swim training to complete the meter swimming split of a triathlon, we’ll be with you every stroke of the way to get you to Price Range: $46 - $ Our Adult Beginner group class (students age 16+) is designed for students with no swim experience to those working towards independent swimming. Swimmers start with learning the basic safety skills (breath control through the mouth and nose, front and back float, as well as the beginning arm and kicking movements for freestyle) and progress to independent freestyle .

Beginner Adult. This class is for those 16 years of age or older, who have little or no prior skills or experience with swimming. The goal of this class is for the swimmer to be comfortable with a two-minute tread, a two-minute back float, and able to jump in, turn around, and grab the wall. With our private swim lessons for adults, you’ll find that each private swimming instructor takes a slightly different approach with our adult clients. Each private adult swimming class is taught in a way that’s developmentally appropriate, ensuring that you’re treated like an adult who just happens to be a beginner.

Adult Intermediate. Class Size: 4 Participants. Duration: 30 Minutes. This class is designed for adults of all ages who are comfortable swimming 25 yards in deep water on their front and back. In this class, participants will learn how to increase endurance while swimming . The Adult Swim App. Watch Free Full Seasons of Your Favorite Shows! Now Available On: The Eric Andre Show. NOW AVAILABLE ON HBO MAX – Tim & Eric, Squidbillies, Joe Pera, Harvey Birdman, Ballmastrz & Much More • NOW AVAILABLE ON HBO MAX – Tim & Eric, Squidbillies, Joe Pera, Harvey Birdman, Ballmastrz & Much More •.

Everyone needs to learn how to swim! We offer Adult Classes for High School age and up. Only adults are allowed in the water during these lessons. Stay focused with our motivating and professional instructors to help you achieve your goals. Adult Lessons Progress at your own pace and develop the skills needed to swim safely for fun or exercise. Students will learn personal water safety and achieve basic swimming competency by learning water acclimation, forward and backward movement, and rhythmic breathing.

From beginners who are uncomfortable in the water to intermediate and advanced swimmers looking to enhance technique, our adult swim lessons provide instruction and support in a comfortable and small-class setting. Class maximum is . Intermediate Adult Swimming Classes – This level is designed for adults who would like to build on their basic swimming and water safety skills. Advanced Adult Swimming Lessons – This level is designed for competent adult swimmers who are looking to increase their stroke technique and distances. Like our learn to swim program for children.