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Adult contemporary is essentially a continuation of the soft rock style that became popular in the '70s, with a few adjustments that reflect the evolution of pop-music production techniques. Jul 15,  · The 50th anniversary Adult Contemporary songs chart is based on actual performance on the weekly Adult Contemporary chart over its first .

This is a list of songs that have charted well on the Billboard AC charts in the s and the s and or have a similar Easy-Listening/ Light Pop sound in. ADULT CONTEMPORARY plays a wide variety of familiar hits. The music is soft enough for office listening, but lively enough to turn up and enjoy. AC’s major market personalities add fun, topical content without getting in the way of the music.

The Roots Music Report's Top 50 Adult Contemporary Song Chart for the Week of Feb 13, P Music. 0: 4: Nobody's Love. Maroon 5. Radio Airplay = ADULT CONTEMPORARY. View Charts Legend. CLOSE. ADULT CONTEMPORARY The week of February 20, Last Week Next Week Current Week.

Adult Contemporary Our adult contemporary radio channels feature adult pop hits and lite classics, perfect for the office and all day long.