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adult crooked teeth - The Cart & The Crook-Lock System

In , the New York Times reported that the number of adults undergoing treatment for crooked teeth using braces or other teeth straightening treatment had gone up 58% from to Sure, crooked teeth can be a cosmetic embarrassment, but more importantly, correcting them can benefit you more than just making you look better. Two of my adult teeth even started growing in before their respective baby teeth fell out. For a year-old who already had huge body image issues, this only made life more difficult.

Periodontal (gum) disease, which can lead to the loss of tooth-supporting bone, is more prevalent in adults than in adolescents. This is an important consideration because orthodontic treatment works by gently moving teeth within the bone that supports them. Malocclusion is an umbrella term for when our teeth and jaw grow and develop in variations of their correct position. It’s one of the most common oral health conditions. Crowded teeth have been proven to negatively impact your quality of life .

Using a system of Clear Aligners, the crooked tooth was moved gently into it's proper position, improving this patient's self confidence. Photographs courtesy of Dr Sunita Verma. Crooked teeth in adults. Adults can choose clear or invisible braces. Many adults live their lives with wonky teeth and think nothing of it. Unless your malocclusion is severe enough to affect your eating or speech, or it's causing you pain of some kind, there may not be .

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate solution for crooked teeth adult orthodontic patients choose, Yardley Orthodontics is here to help! Dr. James Riesenberger not only provides various orthodontic solutions such as braces, Invisalign, and Incognito for patients from Yardley and surrounding Bucks County, but he and the entire Yardley Orthodontics team are also . Teeth bonding can be a great, fast, pain-free solution to fix crooked, uneven teeth. Our dentists can apply a composite resin filling material on the front surface of your problem tooth/teeth. Bonding (also called cosmetic bonding or composite bonding) is a perfect solution for reshaping teeth, closing minor gaps, or lightening stained teeth.

Consequences of having crooked teeth The consequences of having crooked teeth may be more than you think. Of course, the concern for aesthetics is often at the heart of the concerns of adults with crooked teeth. Who wouldn’t dream of having a beautiful, straight smile worthy of a toothpaste advertisement? Occasionally, it is the shape or positioning of the jaw itself that contributes to crooked teeth — this is often due to a genetic issue or because of disproportionate growth of the facial bones. If the problem is severe enough, the dentist might suggest breaking the jaw.