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adult dark green loose stools cramps - TEASER Belly fetish. Belly in pain. Stomach cramps. Fetish

Apr 11,  · To understand what causes loose stools, it’s important to get some basic clarification out of the way. A loose stool is a bowel movement that does not retain a fixed shape and appears “mushy.” Loose stool may be foul smelling (more so than normal feces) and its frequency can also vary between individuals, with some experiencing loose stools right after eating, others having loose stools. Oct 24,  · Ulcerative colitis may cause severe stomach cramps. Although the majority of people with UC will have loose stools, some may also experience constipation. However, .

This is the first poop of a newborn. It is expected to occur within the first 48 hours. You should expect a green-black stool (dark green). It is also tarry and sticky. It is composed of mucus, amniotic fluid, mucus and other substances that were ingested in utero. Transitional stool . "bad (crippling) stomach cramps, dark green stool and blood in stool which is often quite loose or hard to go what's happening? (been about a month)" Answered by Dr. Donald Collins: .

Sep 29,  · Green poop can be commonly caused by eating certain green foods, an infection that causes diarrhea, bile, or a side effect of medication. In addition, irritable bowel syndrome can cause green . Green diarrhea from eating vegetables is more likely in babies and toddlers as their intestines are not mature. Green Stool Causing Substances. Green vegetables especially spinach, kale and green veg smoothies; Green .

Nov 16,  · Tar-like black stool could be a symptom of esophageal varices. When blood flow to the liver gets blocked, swollen veins in the lower esophagus (close to your stomach) get damaged and bleed out. 6. Cancer. Sometimes malignant tumors could cause black stool. This type of tumor usually targets the esophagus and stomach and this could lead to black. Adults. Adults with any of the following symptoms should see a doctor right away. change in mental state, such as irritability or lack of energy; diarrhea lasting more than 2 days; high fever; vomiting often; six or more loose stools in a day; severe pain in the abdomen or rectum; stools that are black .

Loose Grainy Stool - Gastroenterology - MedHelp. May 06,  · Fissures cause green and red (blood) stools. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): A common disorder that affects the large colon. It differs from more other inflammatory bowel .