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Oct 05,  · Adult education statistics. According to research, In the U.S., over 40 million adults have low literacy, including 20% of adults with a high school diploma. The U.S. ranked 21st in numeracy and 16th in literacy out of 24 countries in a assessment of adults’ skills. The study is evidence that points to the fact that free adult education. Assessing learning needs for the older adult During all phases of the teaching-leaning process (including assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation), you should focus your attention not just on the existing medical problem, but also on the potentially numerous functional and psychosocial problems that are common to old age.

Education Aging is changing. ASA empowers members to keep up with newsworthy issues, develop a deeper understanding of critical factors impacting aging, and learn about the latest innovations to stay ahead of the curve. Jun 10,  · Developing health education techniques tailored to the elderly population can increase adherence to prevention strategies and treatments. The older adult population confronts numerous age-related changes that make it more difficult for them to learn and understand information presented to them.

Apr 01,  · Adult education programs are generally continuing education programs for those older than standard high school or college age.