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Find Shorkie Tzu dogs and puppies from Ohio breeders. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. As a small dog, an adult yorkshire terrier shih tzu mix male dog can weigh 5 to 11 pounds. Their height ranges from 6 to 9 inches only. Female Shorkie dogs are smaller than their male counterparts. They only weigh around 4 to 8 pounds and stands at 5 to 8 inches only. Due to their small size, they are most known as toy dogs or lap dogs. Color.

Sep 15,  · *Please note that those are only approximate values. Use them only as a base. They may vary as we already said each puppy is independent and its progress is strongly individual. At the age of two months. The weight of a two-month-old puppy you multiply (x) by 3 and add (+) lbs ( kg) = possible weight of an adult Yorkie. Or showing an. ranges from $1, to $2, From. To.

Both pups are males. They will be tiny only about 8 pounds, non-shedding dogs. October 20, View more. $ 3 Shorkie Puppies. Shorkie Akron, Ohio, United States. Hello I have 3 baby Shorkie for sale. Shorkie Puppies 2 females and 1 male Born First shot and dewormed. Rehoming fee applies. Shorkies are very smart and. Mar 19,  · A Shorkie is a cross between a Shih Tzu and A Yorkshire Terrier. It’s among the designer dog breeds that became popular in the s. The Shorkie has the attitude of a large dog and has no idea that it’s small-sized. He’s a loyal, loving companion .

Jun 29,  · The Shorkie is labeled as Toy dogs for a reason. They’re quite small, even for grown Shorkies. The tallest Shorkies are only about 14 inches. Usually, this hybrid is 6 – 11 inches tall and 7 – 15 pounds in weight when matured, which is pretty similar to . Dec 13,  · However, it is not uncommon to find Shorkie dogs with colors borrowed from both parents. Given that this particular cross-breed is only ten years old, it is still hard to determine the exact colors common in its offsprings. Shorkie full grown. A mature Shorkie pup will measures 6 to 14 inches from the shoulder.

Companionship: Yorkiepoos are people lovers and will happily play with anyone or just follow a family member around the house! Apartment-friendly: The Yorkiepoo’s small size makes them great for city-dwellers! They have a high energy level, but a walk around the block or fetch in the backyard is sufficient. Allergen-friendly: With poodles and Yorkshire Terriers as parents, the Yorkiepoo is a. The calculators are only a guideline and can’t cover the hundreds of breeds of dogs, or their variations. Some puppies will grow a bit slower, and some will grow a bit faster. Your smaller breeds of dogs will take less time to reach their adult weights, and larger dog breeds will take a longer length of time to grow fully.