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These are not colostomy bag issues, these are intentional smearing of feces (and in some cases menstrual blood) in multiple places in a bathroom that is used by multiple staff members at a government agency. For people who deal with bathroom issues regularly (also: public librarians but my sister is not a librarian) these are Known Issues. Adult Fecal Smearing security I could like to hear more on fecal smearing. I am responsible for security in a federal building. We have a woman who continually smears her feces all over bathroom stalls and slides her shoes and underwear in the fecal and then will clean then or throw them away. It's been difficult to get eye witnesses and to.

Sometimes fecal smearing is a sign of a medical condition or gastrointestinal problem. It’s important to bring this behavior up with your child’s pediatrician to rule out . A related discussion, Adult Fecal Smearing was started. chanap. A related discussion, feces smearing was started. Next Question. Aa Expert Activity Will refractive surgery such as LASIK keep me out of glasses all my life. John C Hagan III, MD, FACS, FAAO Dec VISUAL SNOW UPDATE:

No one likes to talk about it, but fecal smearing, also called scatolia in medical literature, is surprisingly common among children and adults. It occurs most frequently among individuals with developmental delays or post-traumatic stress, which means that the person may not be able to verbalize the reason for the behavior. 1. Encopresis is the repeated passing of feces into places other than the toilet, such as in underwear or on the floor. This behavior may or may not be done on purpose. Enuresis is .

I’ve smeared feces in private, but my sister and I were babies. To this day we have no recollection of this–our parents walked into a room full of poo-poo walls and freaked. They had to clean it up, too. If an adult is smearing or dropping poo in public, they know EXACTLY what they’re doing–they hate your ass and want you to know it! Smearing covers a variety of behaviors such as: Rolling feces in the hands, then hiding the pieces Taking feces of out of the toilet to play with or smear Choosing a .

Fecal smearing, also referred to as scatolia, has a massive psychological impact on caregivers and family members who are in charge of taking care of adults with dementia. While it may not be as frequent as other disruptive behaviors, it does happen, and it is probably one of the most challenging problems to manage. Scatolia, better known as the smearing of one's own feces, and sometimes referred to by nursing staff members as the 'finger painting' of fecal matter, is another behavior that has been commonly noted in this particular patient population.