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Adult Stumblers (SU group page | SU comments page // group wiki pages) This is a stub entry for a wiki page associated with a SU group. Please customize this web page by replacing the stub, {{Stub group}}, with improved content! The latest “Web ” adult site is definitely not safe for work, but definitely a hilarious (some of you might say novel) concept. AdultStumble, as the title suggests, is StumbleUpon for.

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I, as an adult, enjoyed this first Time Stumblers tale and recommend it for This goof-troop of time-traveling kids kept me engaged and amused. Kids will easily relate to these silly, charming, magical characters (TJ, Tuna, and Herby) and the dilemmas they face (being the new kid/outsider.). The "**adult" category represents the supercategory of all "adult" categories that are associated with SU.