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Follows on pretty much directly from ‘The five people Arya Stark might have slept with the night before the battle of Winterfell and the one she did’, well except for the battle but there’s too much death and violence in the world for me to want to add to it. The ending of Inheritance(the fourth/the "last" book of Eragon Series) is a little bit bondages.xyze thinks that Eragon and Arya should be together at the end of the story. Although Christopher Paolini has said that there would be a new book coming out, which is book 5, we still don't have any clue when will the book actually come out.

Summary: Arya was not Sansa, and the Hound was not Gendry; but what happens when these two have no choice but to turn to each other. Arya/Hound, One-shot. Rated for violence and adult content. Mentions of Arya/Gendry and San/San. Burning and Consumed. Arya was no lady. She wasn't sure how much she had said that in her childhood. Too many times. Gendry and Arya make it to the Wall with Yoren and the rest, and the two bastards of Houses Stark and Baratheon have a chat. Gendry/ Arya A song of Ice and Fire - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2, - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 93 - Follows: 14 - Published: 3/31/ - Jon S., Gendry - Complete.

Nov 15,  · Read One from the story Arya {A Lion King 2 Fan Fiction} [On Hold] by Dancergirl_hbn (Haylee Bryce) with 5, bondages.xyz ran through the meadows of the Pridel Reviews: 5. arya waters lives a loving life with her husband, gendry waters. it is simple, it is real, it is too good to be true. the curtain will fall one day. - a wandavision au, except not at all. Language: English.

Title: Arya Stark, White as Snow Author: pristineungift Rating: PG (barely) Warnings: Fairy Tale Narrative Style; Implied Violence; Implied Incest Summary: Arya Stark's skin is pure and white as the snow of the North, and her hands as rough as those of any man. A retelling of Snow White, done for the Disney-fy Westeros Challenge on bondages.xyz; Robert/Cersei; . The Three-Eyed Raven told her mother to make Arya a red cloak to protect her on her journey to see Ned. The red hood will keep her safe, the trees whisper. But the long night is indeed dark, and the road north full of terrors. Forced to face the Others, Arya is convinced the cloak will be the death of her.