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A self-inflicted foreign body in urethra and bladder is rarity. Endoscopic manipulation is the preferred treatment, and if unsuccessful, open procedures may be necessary. Studies have reported several items in urinary bladder like gauze . Such foreign bodies are usually introduced for sexual stimulation and/or during an intoxicated or confused state. Resulting symptoms usually involve the urinary frequency, dysuria, nocturia.

The foreign body is found in the hanging part of the urethra or the corresponding crotch area with an external feeling, and in the membranous part during rectal examination. The position of the foreign body can be determined with the help of a metal bougie with its careful (not to push the foreign body into the bladder) into the urethra. Intravesical foreign body is a rare entity in urology. Previous studies have reported several items which were found in the urinary bladder including electrical wires, chicken bones, thermometers, pieces of Foley catheter, gauze pieces, batteries, worms, snakes and many other entities (1 - 3).

Self-inserted urethrovesical foreign bodies are rare in bondages.xyz present three cases and discuss the clinical presentation, diagnosis and management of such patients. In case 1, a year-old boy introduced a wire into the urethra and partially into the bladder three days before. In case 2, a 4-year-old boy introduced a hairpin in the urethra in the same day. Insertion, on the other hand, refers to introduction of objects through body orifices (nose, ear, urethra, vagina, or rectum), the skin, or into the orbit, breast, abdomen, or pelvis. 2,3 An increasing number of cases of self-inflicted urethral foreign object insertion have been reported in the literature over the past decade. 4 This specific.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Doctors have documented numerous cases of insertion of foreign bodies into the urethra, typically as the result of auto-erotic activities. This can result in infections and serious internal bleeding. Urethral self-insertion of a foreign body in adults is usually done for erotic stimulation or by the mentally retarded. Curiosity and inquisitiveness are the main reasons for inserting a foreign body into the urethra in children. P.

Foreign bodies of the bladder are foreign objects introduced into its cavity from the outside. They can be different in composition, size and shape (head pins, pencils, thermometers, wire, bone sequesters, gauze tampons, etc.). When a bladder is injured, wounding shells can be found in it. The rectum, vagina, urethra, nose, and ear are favorite sites for insertion of foreign objects. These types of insertions are most frequently seen in children, but adult patients may derive sexual pleasure from it, be mentally incompetent, or do it merely out of curiosity (Table) (figures: foreign body insertions I).