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Oct 22,  · Breast Reduction After Care Monitor Your Temperature. While you are healing from breast reduction, take your temperature regularly. An elevated temperature could mean an infection. Take those antibiotics on time and don't forget that some antibiotics can interfere with birth control pills, so use another form of protection as backup. Dec 10,  · But before her gig on the airwaves, Kate Ritchie played Sally Fletcher on Home And Away for two decades. Appearing as youthful as ever, the year-old graces the cover of Stellar magazine on.

May 05,  · Believe it or not Kate hasn't had a breast reduction, she is wearing a pushdown bra. Kate is very sensitive about her figure. She is one of the original cast of the Home And Away series, I remember this squeaky little five year old running around on my TV over 12 years ago. Home and Away may. May 30,  · Not one to shy away from spilling the details, the actress got candid about her breast reduction, telling PEOPLE of her pre- and post-surgery breasts: "They were like French bread. They're round Author: Grace Gavilanes.

Jan 18,  · ★★★★★ Ratings: Reviews Breast Reduction Obstacles San Francisco, CA-Some women in need of breast reduction surgery may find some difficult obstacles they need to overcome before proceeding. There may be issues in getting time off work, arranging for help with children and household duties, someone to pick them up after surgery . Apr 09,  · Some of Home and Away's most memorable storylines have covered the tough realities of life - and these heartbreaking cancer diagnosis' stood out the most.

Who did Kate Ritchie play on Home & Away? As if we even need to ask that question! Playing Sally Fletcher, the youngest of the adopted children of Tom and Pippa Fletcher, Kate was 8-years-old when she began filming on the soap, which launched on Seven in Jan. As one of the original characters, Sally grew up to have several weddings.