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While she waited for Gabrielle too catch up, Xena found herself once again fantasizing about holding those perfectly shaped firm breasts in her hands and running her tongue up and down every curve and dip of Gabrielle’s muscular shape. "Xena and Gabrielle help Ephiny out of an uncomfortable situation with engorged breasts." -- Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory "Xena and Gabrielle help relieve the lactating Ephiny, while Gabrielle muses about the ritual mating practices of the Amazons and the Centaurs.".

Gabrielle let her eyes wander down the length of Xena's legs,- long and slender, hinting only to their power as Xena clenched her toes occasionally and a myriad of muscles sprang to the surface. Gabrielle wondered not for the first time what it would be like to have those long legs wrapped around her body, and firm breasts pressed against her own. Feb 27,  · Gabrielle is fondling Xena's left breast and writing anti-Semitic remarks on her tits with a Sharpie. This is what we call a "goof" in television. I guess they missed it in editing! In the same episode there is a scene where Xena and Gabrielle go into the woods and have sex. Oh those writers and their subtext!

The man started with her breasts this time carefully cupping and kneading them as he did before, after a few moments he moved to her nipples which were now stiff and large, a result of the potion and the undergoing of her molestation when he pinched them Xena let out a cry of pleasure that drew Gabrielle from her stupor. As Xena was struggling to do something about the situation, Gabrielle's hand left the warriors breasts, slid down her abdomen, and headed toward the skimpy breeches that covered her sex. Just as the searching fingers slipped under the fabric, Xena brought her fingers up to Gabrielle's .