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what cause breast cancer - Granny what big tits and a dirty mind

Louise is a 44 year old woman who self-referred to Breast Cancer Care WA to receive counselling support following her breast cancer diagnosis. She had been experiencing ‘lumpy’ breasts for the previous months, but discovered that a lump in her left breast was becoming larger, with itchiness and discolouration around her left nipple. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women (only lung cancer kills more women each year). The chance that a woman will die from breast cancer is about 1 in 39 (about %). Since , breast cancer death rates have been steady in women younger than 50, but have continued to decrease in older women.

The first sign of breast cancer often is a breast lump or an abnormal mammogram. Breast cancer stages range from early, curable breast cancer to metastatic breast cancer, with a variety of breast. IBC doesn't look like a typical breast cancer. It often does not cause a breast lump, and it might not show up on a mammogram. This makes it harder to diagnose. IBC tends to occur in younger women (younger than 40 years of age). African-American women appear to develop IBC more often than white women.